Welcome to the Maths Apps index under the maths4us initiative. ALT, the Association for Learning Technology, together with partners, is working on developing this index of apps for maths as part of the maths4us initiative. Apps, as we define them Read more ›



Mathboard is an interesting app that combines a multiple choice environment with simple blackboard based calculations. The app focuses on basic arithmetic, but features a degree of customisation options, including some simple algebra. The app is presented as an old-fashioned Read more ›


As the name suggests Geogebra is an application which seeks to emphasise the important connections between geometry and algebra in mathematics. Developed by a team of open-source developers, Geogebra combines a clean, crisp, geometry display showing diagrams and graphs with Read more ›

Learn Maths with Beluga

“Learn Maths with Beluga” is an app that uses various tools to better connect with what the user is thinking. Contrary to most of the apps that are available these days, Learn Maths with Beluga focuses on exploration, constructivist pedagogy Read more ›