As the name suggests Geogebra is an application which seeks to emphasise the important connections between geometry and algebra in mathematics. Developed by a team of open-source developers, Geogebra combines a clean, crisp, geometry display showing diagrams and graphs with another display showing related algebraic objects.

The user-interface is elegant and highly intuitive. There are numerous geometric and algebraic tools allowing the user to place points, connect points, mark angles and draw polygons/curves. Whenever a geometric object is created its algebraic equivalent (coordinates or equations of curves) are also given on screen. Objects can be manipulated either algebraically or geometrically.

Geogebra is a useful free tool for anyone with a basic grasp of shape, curves and algebra looking to improve their understanding of mathematics. The possibilities are almost endless – it has its own built in spreadsheet functionality and its own coding language. The Geogebra community is highly active and there is lots of ready-made content available to help your understanding.

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