Hoodamath is a (mostly) free site for teachers, parents, and kids featuring various games, apps and movies for basic mathematics. The content is categorised and aligned according to the US common core standards but of course applicable in other context and suitable in general for reinforcing basic maths skills and your understanding on topics like geometry, logic, and arithmetic, addition/subtraction and includes various puzzles and maze games to challenge your mathematical thinking. The website has also several tutorials (e.g. on decimals, fractions, simple algebra, integers). Links to worksheets can also be used to complement the games in addition the the tests. There are several options, which may overwhelm you, but soon you will find your favourite games or better select the ones that suit you most. The adds are an unavoidable disadvantage and some of the movies are rather naive. Similarly, some of the games are very simple and not worth the trouble, but most are very well thought-through — this is the reason for including HoodMath in this index. So a bit of filtering will get you a long way,  whether it is simply partitioning pizzas to practice your fractions, or running the greatest shopping centre in Paris and using your maths to get the most out of it !


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