MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator is a touch based handwriting recognition app, which allows users to enter calculations in handwritten form.

The app was developed by VisionObjects (, and is available for free on Android, IOS and other mobile platforms.

This app is very smooth to use and is easy to pick up and play with. It comes with a useful tutorial video, and is able to handle a variety of calculations – including trigonometric and logarithmic functions. It can also solve simple equations involving a single unknown. The app is able to export calculations as images and has direct connections to social media sites for this purpose. For learners the app provides a fun alternative to a traditional calculator that feels more fluid and playful to use.

Additional information

Category Calculus,
Access free
Platform Mobile (Android), Mobile (iOS), Mobile (other)
Educational Use independent learning
Intended End User student
Interactivity Type active
Creative Commons Licence
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