Zondle is a website and mobile app in which anyone can play games to support their learning. With respect to mathematics, it is designed to help you practise basic skills and develop further your understanding of numbers, fractions and other mathematical concepts. You can create your own questions, or use questions created by other Zondle users, and the simple but powerful idea is that you once you¹ve correctly answered a question, you might get to play a short game.

The uncertainty is deliberate. Behind Zondle lies neuroscience research that shows that uncertain rewards lead to more dopamine uptake in your brain which can help you remember what you¹ve just learned more effectively. For that alone Zondle earns its place in this index. Zondle is a good resource for elementary and early secondary students but it could also help adults to brush up their maths skills. And through its enjoyable graphics and gameplay, Zondle will certainly make any maths revision experience much less painful !

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